Fogo: Luxury tourism and real estate project “Duargema five star living” presented at a meeting with members of the Cape Verdean diaspora

Official presentation of the luxury tourism and real estate project “Duargena five star living” on Fogo Island

São Filipe, 28 April 2024 – The “Duargema five star living” tourism and real estate project will be officially presented during a meeting with expatriates taking place today in the city of São Filipe. The presentation of the project will be led by Engineer Mónica Duarte, following the unveiling of the online platform of the Municipality of São Filipe. The meeting, chaired by the Minister of Communities, Jorge Santos, will focus on networking between Fogo Islanders living abroad and those who have returned to the island.

The “Duargema Five-Star Living” represents an investment of almost 50 million euros and will be located on the site between the São Francisco de Assis Regional Hospital and the beach of Praia de Nossa Senhora da Encarnação. The project will cover an area of over 50,000 square metres.
During initial discussions with São Filipe’s municipal authorities, those responsible for the project emphasised the huge impact it would have on Fogo Island and the whole of Cape Verde. The project is expected to create ‘many jobs’ and lead to the return of people who have left Fogo Island and the country.

Duargema Five Star Living” will act as a catalyst for other development projects. Working with local authorities and the government, an extension to the runway at São Filipe airport is being considered, which will make the project even more attractive. The acquisition of agricultural land is also part of the plan to stimulate growth on Fogo Island and support the whole of Cabo Verde.

The ‘Duargema Five Star Living‘ project, the basic idea of which was announced two years ago, envisages the construction of 110 apartments, luxury villas, a spa centre, six shops, a restaurant, water sports facilities (tennis and beach soccer), three beach clubs, more than thirty swimming pools, green areas, a water treatment plant and renewable energy systems.

The properties will be equipped with modern facilities and the entire complex will be located in an integrated and sustainable zone with views of the sea and the island of Brava.

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