Exploring Cape Verde

Cape Verde is an ideal destination for the adventurous traveller. With unspoilt islands, you can really get off the beaten track. Cape Verde is made up of dozens of islands, each with its own character. So sail around the islands and visit as many as you can. We particularly recommend Santiago, São Vicente and Santo Antão.

If you want to explore Cape Verde in an adventurous way, start in Santiago. It’s the country’s largest island and home to about half the population. It’s also the country’s capital: Praia. This island will remind you of Africa. Continue towards São Vicente. With an area of less than 230 km², it is one of the smaller islands of Cape Verde. It’s just a piece of rock in the middle of the sea, but while you’re there you can enjoy the rich fauna around you.

Santo Antão is the second largest island in Cape Verde. The only way to get there is by boat from São Vicente. Santo Antão is one of the poorest islands in Cape Verde and suffers from high unemployment. For these reasons, many travellers prefer to avoid Cape Verde. The country has little mass tourism and offers exceptional natural beauty. It is therefore an authentic destination to visit!

Where to eat

Cape Verdean cuisine has evolved from a variety of traditions. It is a combination of Portuguese and African influences. But there’s one thing you can’t avoid: fish. There are a limited number of restaurants in Praia na Santiago. Try the local dish cachupa at the fast food restaurant Daniza. Gamboa Restaurant is one of the better places in town, and you can also eat well at Flor de Lys or Perola.


On São Vicente, the best place to eat in Mindelo. The restaurant La Pergola is a good choice, especially if you are looking for French food. Casa Café Mindelo is a wonderful place on the waterfront with delicious food, but also a great place to stay. On Santo Antão, Porto del Sol is the place to eat, especially if you’re in the mood for Italian pasta. In Porto Novo, you can recharge your batteries at the Bar Restaurante Sereia while waiting for the ferry.

The national drink of Cape Verde is grogue, a rum made naturally from sugar cane grown on the islands. There are many small bars in Praia where people gather to drink this speciality. For the best live music, head to Sal da Música. And on São Vicente, Praca Amilcar Cabral in Mindelo is the place to go for a drink. Café Lisboa and Café Musique are good places to start the evening. Syrius is a fun place to end the evening dancing. And on Santo Antão, you can dance at the Dobla disco in Porto Novo.


From Prague you can fly directly to Boa Vista or Sal. Santiago, the capital of Praia, can be reached with TAP Portugal Airlines via Lisbon with one change. You can also explore the islands by boat. On São Vicente and Santiago you’ll find plenty of private taxis to take you to the other side of the island.


Good to know

Best time to travel.
Visa: EU, UK not required
Vaccinations: Voluntary
Currency Cape Verdean Escudo
Language Portuguese, Crioli


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