The union has announced a strike by TACV pilots from 25 to 29 April

Praia, 15 April (Inforpress) – The National Union of Civil Aviation Pilots (SNPAC) today announced a national five-day strike by TACV pilots from 25 to 29 April, with the central demand being for better working conditions.

“Having exhausted all avenues of dialogue with the TACV management, we announce a national strike by TACV pilots from 00:00 hours on 25 April to 23:59 hours on 29 April,” a statement said.

The same source explains that this strike is not only a matter of demanding better conditions for pilots, as it is extended to all crew members to ensure the safety and quality of air services provided to passengers.

“It is an extreme measure motivated by the company’s repeated violations of workers’ labour rights and the intransigence of the current board of directors towards the process of dialogue and negotiation,” he explained.

“This is not a hasty decision, it has been properly analysed and with many pilots leaving the company, there is a serious risk of the closure of air traffic in Cape Verde,” the union official said, adding that according to the union, ten pilots have already left the company.

If you are travelling to Cape Verde during this period, you should be aware that domestic air travel may be partially or completely restricted. However, if you still need to travel between the islands, we recommend you check the CV Interilhas website for regular flights.




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