Cape Verdean government approves strategy for sustainable seas of the future

The government has approved the Cape Verde Strategy for a Sustainable Future Seas, which is anchored in ten priority areas for intervention, in a process launched in April 2023, based on an analysis of the current situation in the maritime sector.

In a press release sent to Inforpress, the Palais Várzea (Office of the President of the Republic) informed that the National Strategy for the Sea (ENM) is a planning, operational and implementation tool that includes an “ambitious and sustainable” holistic approach to the sea, essentially aligned with the main instruments of development policy.

The document draws on scientific knowledge to protect the sea and its resources, promote and develop sustainable economic use of the sea and all aspects of the blue economy.

According to the government, ten priority areas have been identified, such as fisheries and aquaculture, maritime transport, safety and coastal infrastructure, marine environment and coastal zones, tourism and eco-tourism, maritime education, scientific research and knowledge, marine services, seawater desalination, renewable energy, marine biotechnology, circular economy and digital economy.

“Based on the ten priority areas, 23 strategic objectives covering the entire marine value chain have been proposed, to be achieved through the development of 46 priority actions over a decade. The implementation of the ENM 2023-2033 will be ensured by an action plan that brings together all the strategic instruments developed in the maritime sector,” the presidency said in the report, recalling the government’s commitment to transform the country into an international maritime platform.

The resolution approving the National Maritime Strategy was adopted at a cabinet meeting on 27 March this year.

source: InforPress CV

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