Mosteiros: The municipality hopes to include the Fogo Coffee Festival programme in the international network of coffee festivals.

SÃO FIllipe, 20 March (Inforpress) – The integration of the Fogo Coffee Fest programme into the international network of coffee festivals is one of the main objectives of the Mosteiros City Council, according to the Councillor for Culture, Nelson Pires.

In this context, for the 2024 edition of the Fogo Coffee Fest, the City Council has invited and will count on the participation of two representatives from the Coffee Museum of São Paulo, Brazil, who have “a lot of experience” to share in terms of coffee museology.


The councillor explained that the São Paulo Coffee Museum is part of the international network of coffee festivals and that this involvement is intended to create a partnership that will allow mosteiros to be included in the international coffee circuit, to assess the possibilities of joining the network and, in the near future, the Fogo Coffee Festival programme will be incorporated into the international festival and mosteiros will also be able to participate in festivals held internationally.

The São Paulo Coffee Museum team will be led by its executive director, Alessandra Almeida, and their arrival is part of the city’s strategy to internationalise the Fogo Coffee Festival.

The Brazilian delegation will arrive in Fogo on Thursday 21 March, the day before the inauguration of the 10th edition of the Coffee Festival, and according to councilor Nelson Pires, on Friday, the first day of the festival, they will share the institution’s museological experience at a conference on “Museology of Coffee”, highlighting what it has already done, as Mosteiros wants to focus on partnerships to improve the museology of coffee.

Founded in 2014, the Fogo Coffee Fest is an opportunity for producers, owners, entrepreneurs, political leaders, professionals, companies and industry workers to meet, share, trade and network.


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