Bishop Fortes was invited to the debate by the national Christian television station TV NOE.

Prague, Ostrava 8.3. 2024

Bishop Ildo Augusto Fortes has a very busy schedule during his stay in the Czech Republic. Nevertheless, he brings a smile and good humour to all his meetings. His human and friendly nature breaks down barriers and the fact that he holds an important and respected position in the Church does not prevent him from treating everyone with kindness, a smile and friendship.

Today, Mónica Sofia Duarte from Naděje Cabo Verde and Pastor Alberto Giralda from the parish of the Church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary in Prague made the 280km train journey to Ostrava, where the Christian television station TV NOE is based. Bishop Fortes was received by the director of the station, Father Leoš Ryška. It was again a very friendly meeting during which the Bishop got to know the work of TV NOE, its programmes and plans for the future.

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