The friendly and warm Bishop Idlo Augusto Fortes continued his programme in Prague.

As we continue our mini-series on Bishop Fortes’ stay in the Czech Republic, we will be visiting other places.

Prague 9.3. 2024


On Saturday, the Bishop began the day with a tour of Prague, visiting the Old Town Square and the National Museum. With a short prayer, he commemorated the 27 Czech lords, participants in the Estates Uprising, who were executed in the Old Town Square in 1621. He listened with interest to the story of the events that so significantly influenced the fate of the Czech nation. He was also interested in the statue of Jan Hus, and although Jan Hus had criticised the Catholic Church, the bishop showed his sympathy for Hus’ fate when he learned that Hus had been burned at the stake in Constance in 1415. These are powerful moments. The venerable Bishop Ildo Augusto is a living embodiment of Christian charity. His concern is genuine and his kindness comes from the heart. The faithful of the Diocese of Mindelo are very fortunate to be served by such a rare wise man.

On this day, the Bishop was expecting a great international event, a common spiritual exercise of the faithful and priests from Ecuador, Brazil, Cape Verde, Portugal, Spain and the Czech Republic, called MOTUS CHRISTI, which unites the faithful to strengthen their spiritual growth.

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