Bishop Mons. Fortes of Mindelo visited the pilgrimage site of Svatá Hora in Central Bohemia.

Prague, Svatá Hora Thursday 07.03.2024

Bishop Ido Augusto Fortes had a busy day. First, he visited St Augustine’s Primary and Nursery School in Prague, where he met with children, students and teachers. He familiarised himself with the school’s curriculum and programme. It was a very nice meeting in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.


The next route led south of Prague to the town of Příbram, where the popular pilgrimage site of Svatá Hora (The Holy Mountain) is located. History shows that medically confirmed healings took place here, which is why this place became a pilgrimage destination not only for believers from Bohemia and the surrounding regions, but also for emperors and rulers. Svatá Hora also played a role of hope during the most difficult times of the totalitarian regime in the 1950s. Today, it is not only an oasis of spiritual solace, but also a feast for the eyes, which amazes and delights with its beauty.



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