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We are pleased to announce that the Czech-Cabo Verde Chamber of Commerce has gladly welcomed a new member. Abglass Bohemia s.r.o, a Czech company, is the sole enterprise in the world specializing in the production and sale of hollow beads plated with gold. With a focus on the Latin American market, including countries such as Ecuador, Guatemala, and others in the region, Abglass aims to expand into the African market through the Republic of Cabo Verde. The company will initially establish its headquarters on the island of Boa Vista, where the owners recently acquired a new villa.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Czech-Cabo Verde Chamber of Commerce and developing your economic activities in Cabo Verde, we kindly invite you to contact us at the email address [email protected]. For more information about the Czech-Cabo Verde Chamber of Commerce, please visit our official website at

We look forward to establishing successful partnerships and supporting trade between the Czech Republic and the Republic of Cabo Verde.

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