Trebbia international awards

Mr Rodrigues, how do you perceive the range of activities that this energetic young woman has been able to create and develop?

„I’m truly inspired by the work this energetic young woman is doing. It’s impressive to see how she has managed to create and develop a broad range of activities, showing a level of drive and initiative that is indeed remarkable. Her focus on infrastructure and youth empowerment, in particular, highlights her understanding of the key elements needed for sustainable development.

Her dedication to creating job opportunities is a testament to her commitment to economic growth and the welfare of her community. The way she is handling these challenges with humility, diplomacy, and intelligence further demonstrates her leadership skills. In short, I’m incredibly optimistic about the future she’s helping to build, and I’m looking forward to seeing what she’ll accomplish next.“


„I’m deeply inspired by the range of activities this young woman has created and developed. Her focus on infrastructure, youth empowerment, and job creation is commendable. Her approach, characterized by humility, diplomacy, and intelligence, truly showcases her leadership. I’m optimistic about the future she’s shaping and eagerly anticipate her next steps.“

Agora depois de receber o Premio !!

„I would like to congratulate Monica for everything she does and represents in the world. I wish her success, positive energies, and that she continues to believe in Cape Verde. She can count on me in the realization of her projects. Many thanks to the Trebbia Foundation for this recognition that enhances Cape Verde.“

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