Cape Verde Parliament unanimously approves amendment to law granting citizenship to members of the diaspora


Cape Verde, Praia, Czech Republic, Prague, 29.01.2024 – The Parliament of the Republic of Cape Verde has approved a bill that expands the possibilities of acquiring Cape Verdean citizenship. It will now be possible for descendants of Cape Verdeans born abroad to obtain citizenship by descent.

According to the bill, children born abroad whose parents have Cape Verdean civil status will be eligible for Cape Verdean citizenship. In this case, they will not have to apply and citizenship will be granted automatically.

In addition, the grandchildren, great-grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren of Cape Verdeans born abroad are also entitled to citizenship by descent. In this case, it will be necessary to submit an application, but no condition such as permanent residence in Cape Verde will be required.

Joana Rosa – Ministra das Finanças de Cabo Verde
© Eneias Rodrigues

The bill was adopted unanimously. It will now go to a second reading, where it will be refined, informed Minister of Justice Joana Rosa.


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